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Senior Consultant


hCapital Business Consulting
Full Time
Category : Senior Consultant Salary : 400,000 Experience(s) : 0 Year


Job Purpose Statement (Why this job exists and the contribution it makes to the overall business of the company) To create a new revenue line for the company. To act as a profit Centre head for a team

About hCapital Business Consulting

About Us hCapital Business Consulting Private Limited is one of the India's leading specialist professional recruitment firm. A leading Recruitment company Established in 2007, hCapital is one of the leading Indian recruitment firms. We operate through focused industry practice groups, each led by an experienced practice team leader. We hire everywhere where our clients want us to, and we strive to offer our clients the fastest turnaround time they have ever experienced. Know more about us We welcome you to our site and appreciate you taking our time to know more about us. Know more about us here: Message from the Director What makes us different Our Values We listen first before we speak We aim to have the best listening skills in the world of recruitment industry, because we have to uncover what our clients really need. We listen carefully, react quickly and offer clear advice. This is the key to our success and it earns us the status of partner in the eyes of our clients. Should you want to talk to us, please feel free to contact us through the form on the right!

Duties & Responsibilities
1. Handle a set of 2-4 clients and be responsible for all recruitment form the set of clients
2. Interact with clients to get a clear briefing on the open positions
3. Analyze the client’s requirements and identify the best ways to source talent
4. Sourcing profiles from different job Portals, through Job Posting, Referencing and
5. Pre-Screen the Resumes sourced by the team and send relevant profiles to client for
their perusal
6. Coordinating with different levels of interview with clients.
7. Negotiate salaries on the behalf of the candidates and yet ensure client satisfaction
8. Prepare & maintaining MIS of work for review with management
1. Strong Communication skills
2. Street Smart
3. Good general awareness of business / economy
4. Goal oriented

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