Company Profile


Our Mission We’re in the business of helping our clients resolve property tax debt and avoid foreclosure. Since our start in 2007, we’ve paid more than 25,000 tax bills, making a big difference in our clients’ lives and helping them keep their homes and businesses. From the beginning we’ve embraced high standards, ethical business practices, and customer-focused regulation, benefitting taxpayers as well as taxing entities. Property owners appreciate our flexible terms and courteous customer service. Taxing entities appreciate our responsible business protocol and ability to expedite funding.

About Propel Financial Technologies

We believe our success is the result of the fundamental philosophy that guides our team: People: We value and take care of our PEOPLE – clients, colleagues, partners, and community. Respect: We are committed to doing what is right and showing our clients and colleagues the RESPECT they deserve. Opportunities: We relentlessly pursue new OPPORTUNITIES to increase stakeholder value by embracing entrepreneurial possibilities. Passion: We approach everything we do with unparalleled PASSION and commitment. Excellence: We seek EXCELLENCE in all we do. We lead, rather than follow. Loyalty: We show LOYALTY to our clients, colleagues, partners, and community… and we work to earn their loyalty in return. Overview A tax lien transfer (TLT) allows you to transfer your property tax obligation to Propel Financial Services, which we pay in full directly to the county and other taxing entities. We pay the taxes, fees, penalties and interest. You pay us back through affordable monthly payments without having to pay a large lump sum to settle your property taxes. Our goal is to help you meet your property tax obligation and set you up on affordable monthly payments. We provide TLTs to property owners throughout Texas.