Company Profile


DSNL is India’s leading Command, Control and Conferencing (C3) service provider enabling effective communication for businesses across industries. Qmulus100, DSNL’s innovative conference platform, helps thousands collaborate in real time leading to significant savings in time and increased velocity of information. DSNL offers a range of solutions suited for diverse collaboration needs. These include audio conferencing, a mobile conferencing app, mass calling solutions, IR call solutions, video and web collaboration tools. Each of these tools is built to cater to diverse needs of organisations, irrespective of industry and team size.

About Door Sabha Nigam Limited

Our superior conferencing quality, easy accessibility, and reliability are complemented by dedicated support services provided by a team of experienced professionals who ensure you get all the support you need at any time of the day. No matter how big or small your conferencing need is, we have a solution. The distributed, multicarrier architecture of Qmulus100 platform enhances the reliability of our services. With cutting-edge technology and robust support systems, we make sure you experience hassle-free conferencing. The state-of-the-art Qmulus100 platform allows us to offer customised and cost effective solutions. Read more on some of our customised solutions here.