Company Profile


Brainweave is an organization which aims at nurturing the upbringing of a child through cognitive as well as personality development. Our aim is to enhance the logical power of students so that they break their cocoons of potential, talent and will power. In today's world, creativity is as important as literacy. Each student, throughout his school life becomes well versed in theoretical knowledge, but at many instances in life he needs to become a problem solver and have good interpersonal skills to overcome challenges. Although our education system is designed intricately, it still cannot enrich a child's logical and creative ability. This is where Brainweave perfectly fits in. We are an extension to the school's normal curriculum.

About Brain Weave

Brainweave comprises young fellows who can associate with the deficiency in the current education system. We through thorough analysis have identified the common mistakes which makes a student grow out of creativity during his/her childhood. Through a specially designed curriculum, we ensure that both the logical and creative aspect of his/her brain will be completely developed. We also promote education in underprivileged society by enriching their mind and developing skills which makes them standout in the society.