Company Profile


BioSpan LLP, is a company with a niche and selective product portfolio. We are associated with leading global companies with long term partnerships and servicing customers in Pharmaceuticals, Bio Pharmaceuticals and Academia. BioSpan Scientific's portfolio focuses on the areas of Clean room and contamination control, Microbiology, Protein research and laboratory products.

About BioSpan LLP

Span Divergent Ltd. ( Formerly Span Diagostics Ltd. ) is a main shareholder of BioSpan Scientific LLP. Span Divergent is a public Ltd. Company listed on Bombay Stock Exchange BSE: SPANIAQ and has been a pioneer in the Indian IVD sector. Our Mission is to deliver the highest value to our customers, suppliers, employees and its stake holders as the premier product, technology marketing, distribution, manufacturing & services company. We will achieve this by consistently outperforming our peers by adapting new technologies, Innovation, services, products and achieving the highest level of employee satisfaction by offering a dynamic and challenging growth environment.